4D V12

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Certification Matrix

Thu, 2010-11-18 17:00

SVG Area

Taking advantage of 4D's powerful integrated SVG capabilities, the SVG Area component brings a manipulable SVG field to your user interfaces.

The SVG Area field allows you to create vector graphics, whether hand-drawn or programmatically generated, connected to data in the host application. It supports shapes, colors and standard 4D fill patterns, and can also contain bitmap images in the form of links. The area's contents can be stored in a record or exported as an SVG file.


64-bit Support

4D Server v12 supports 64-bit Windows operating systems.

The main benefits of 64-bit technology is improvement in overall performance by being able to address more RAM (up to the physical limit imposed by hardware limitations – but theoretically unlimited), handle larger data files (several gigabytes) and numerous simultaneous clients and/or processes.

On the client side, any machine running 4D v12 (Mac OS or Windows) can connect to a 64-bit 4D Server.


4D v12: Solid foundations, brilliant new features

Thu, 2010-10-28 12:00

Read about all that's new in 4D v12.

Flash Your Charts

This example demonstrates 4D's ability to use external PHP libraries to add functionality to any application.

In this case, we use PHP and Flash to illustrate and animate charts based upon 4D data.


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