4D V13

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Externalized application settings

Application settings and preferences can now be stored external to your 4D application’s primary structure (e.g. the size of the database cache, HTTP port number, etc.).

This allows for smoother upgrades whenever you update your solutions, especially on large-scale deployments that have numerous users.


Multilingual spell-checking

Take advantage of the power of a Hunspell-compliant spell checker, capable of supporting 100 languages.

This makes 4D’s already solid international deployment credentials even greater.


External data storage

Store pictures, blobs and text outside of the data file.

This feature reduces the size of the data file itself, so that operations that occur on the file happen much more quickly. 4D will automatically manage the storage and backup of the external data. Or, if you prefer, customize it to your own needs and manage the backup yourself. In the latter scenario, you can store the paths to these external files within 4D, which will remain part of the data that uses the file.


Hardware graphic acceleration

As of 4D v13, get boosted graphics rendering capabilities.

4D uses core OS technologies (CoreGraphics and Direct2D) for all its drawing, automatically taking full advantage of hardware acceleration when available, like in forms, images or rendering structures.


4D Static Web Builder v2

This application shows how a relational database can be published on the Web either as static or dynamic pages.

It also shows how to transfer, via FTP and using 4D Internet Commands, the static site that is generated.


Further indications are given during the demonstration.


Download for Windows or Mac

An Introduction to 4D v13's Main Features

A recording of the webinar presented by Josh Fletcher and Add Komoncharoensiri on February 2, 2012.

4D Chart

4D Chart is a now-deprecated plug-in to add graphing capabilities to 4D, largely replaced by 4D's native SVG features.

The plug-in is provided as-is for 4D v13 for those who still require it for compatibility purposes.


Download 4D Chart v13

Language Certification

Tue, 2012-02-14 16:00

Language certifications for 4D v13

Certification Matrix

Tue, 2012-02-14 17:00

Certification matrix for 4D v13


This example database demonstrates the possibility of carrying out queries via the 4D language as well as SQL.

Specific examples show both languages in parallel so that they can be compared easily and in order to highlight their respective advantages.


Comments and explanations are provided during the execution of these queries.


Download for Windows or Mac