4D V13

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File Management Enhancement

In 4D v13, some existing file management commands have been improved.
  • System folder
  • Select document


This "How Do I" covers all of the above commands.


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Database Events

This "How Do I" gives you an example of the new database method 'On System events' management.

The new events supported by this new method apply to background or foreground application moves.


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Compare Pictures

Pictures may look similar, but are they really identical? The new function "equal pictures" will give you the answer!

The function returns "true" or "false" depending on the result.


It also builds a mask that shows you the differences between the pictures you compare.


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Getters and Setters

4D v13 introduces new getters and setters.

This demo shows you how to use these new getters and setters and their associations.


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HTTP Client

As of 4D v13, there is a built-in HTTP client in 4D.

This "How Do I" covers the various commands that are used with the new HTTP client.


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Stats Functions

4D v13 introduces enhancements to stats functions.

This "How Do I" demonstrates how to use statistical functions on arrays.


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Web Get Body Part

Called in the context of a Web process, the WEB GET BODY PART command parses the "body" of a multi-part request.

This demonstrates how to use this command to get a file via the browser.


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Webkit Integration

As of 4D v13, the Web Area function of 4D integrates the Webkit rendering engine, using the same engine in under both Windows and Mac.

As a result, Web pages will have the same appearance and behavior on both platforms, ignoring Internet Explorer on Windows.


This demo shows how web interfaces look under the Webkit rendering engine.


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4D Indexes

This example database shows the various possibilities for using indexes in 4D.

There are several types of indexes in 4D that can be selected according to the type of data and their use.


In addition to demonstrating their effectiveness, this example explains how to choose the most appropriate type of index.


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Windows Enhancement

4D v13 provides a new parameter for SET WINDOW RECT.

This allows you to move a specified window to the passed coordinates and set it as a foreground window. The command now accepts a * parameter to keep the window in the background.



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