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Develop In-House Solutions for Your Company

More often than not, there's no off-the-shelf software solution that meets your company's or department's specific needs. You know this, because it's your job to develop custom solutions tailored to the business.

With the increasingly fast pace of enterprise today, you’re not left with much time to experiment with different solutions, nor tinker with them to get them to work with systems you already have in place.


This is where 4D comes in.


4D: Your ultimate weapon

Whether you’re an established or aspiring Independent Software Vendor or OEM, 4D offers the solutions you need to expand your software and service enterprise.

Recognizing the special needs of developers who resell solutions to third parties, we have special programs for our OEM partners to address vertical market sales, licensing, and support issues.


Cost isn't just about price

A good price always makes customers happy. But reducing costs by cutting corners on internal resources, R&D and service also reduces value. So cost isn't the main indicator of value.
Relax, you can afford it.
Less worry about cost means more time to do
what you do best... And enjoy your peace
of mind.

At 4D, we provide value. A lot of it.


4D People

Developing autonomy

Client lists. Billable hours. Accounting. On top of all that, there's the full-time work of building effective software applications.

We can only help you with the last part (although there are plenty of 4D-based solutions for the others!) but we do our best to make sure it’s the easiest and most fulfilling part of your job.


4D gives you all of the development tools and deployment options you need to be an effective developer. On top of that, we provide the support  to be a truly great developer – the kind who can not only build solutions from the ground up, but be called in to customize existing ones.


A Global Network

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Get in touch with our staff and other developers who speak your language, in over 70 countries.
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Join the Discussion

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Forums. Mailing lists. User groups. Partnership opportunities. A real community at your disposal.
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The 4D Community
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Get Ahead

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Feed your mind with in-person, off-site, and on-line classes, and boost your 4D expertise.
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4D University
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Thinking about migration?

Migrating is easy. And it's even simpler using our free migration tools and the additional assistance we provide.

You've already heard about all the features that make 4D v11 SQL the most significant technological advance in the history of 4D...


Développeur Javascript/AJAX avec expérience en design d'interface (France)


Développeur Javascript/AJAX avec expérience en design d'interface (France)

CDI basé à Clichy

Cette offre s'adresse aux développeurs Javascript avec d'excellentes connaissances du HTML et du CSS et expérimenté en création d'interfaces utilisateur pour une ou des applications Web AJAX.