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4D SSD Watch: Benchmarking RAID 0 SSD's

Following up on my last blog post, and also on some of the information I presented in the 4D Summit 2011 Pre-Class, I've updated one of my systems to an Intel 7-series motherboard and benchmarked a RAID 0 SSD array. Read on for the results!


4D SSD Watch: TRIM Support Comes to RAID 0

Exciting news this week as Intel has announced (via journalists apparently, I can't find an official posting) that the TRIM command is now passed though to RAID 0 SSD arrays.


CodeExport Updated

Today I posted an update to the CodeExport GitHub project to remove its one and only plug-in dependency (for compile-time at least). Thanks to Kirk Brooks for pointing out the problem! Read on to find out what I did.



4D SSD Watch: A Great Time to Buy

Just a quick update today, prompted by a The Tech Report article presenting an in-depth analysis of the plummeting cost of SSD's over the last year. I've also been watching the prices daily, read on for more details.


It's interesting to note that drop in SSD prices is being attributed to the aftermath of the 2011 Thailand floods and, while SSD prices have plummeted, HDD prices have remained stubbornly high.


4D SSD Watch: SandDisk Enters, Intel Refunds, Apple Being Apple

The consumer SSD space is evolving at quite a rapid pace, so I've decided it might be useful to the 4D community to try to do a regular series of updates as I come across interesting SDD news items. I'm calling it the "4D SSD Watch". I'm also a huge advocate for the switch to flash storage, so I do this not because I think I'm an expert but, rather, because I'm trying to keep a close eye on this stuff. For this update I'm looking at three important items:


  • SanDisk, purveyor of all things flash (except SSD's until now) has made a rather strong entry into the consumer SSD market.
  • Intel has discovered a non-fixable flaw with their series 520 SSD's and is offering a full refund on the drives.
  • Apple continues its proprietary ways with yet another non-starndard SSD configuration in the new MacBook Pro.





4D is on GitHub!

If you're at all involved in other projects besides 4D you're probably aware of GitHub, or perhaps you've heard of it otherwise (I mentioned it during the recent webinar about SVN and 4D).


GitHub is hugely popular with the Web-development crowd and, to a larger/growing extent, anyone involved in the Open Source community. It might seem strange that 4D, being a proprietary platform vendor, would get involved with GitHub (or maybe even look like band-wagoning :). That's definitely not the case though, this is really a guerrilla effort to get the 4D community out in the open in a more structured fashion. If you want access to some cool 4D tools, or have something the contribute, read on!



Most professional developers today use some form of Revision Control (RC). The primary advantage that git offers is that it is a distributed RC system. This actually isn't all that important for 4D projects (I will explain this in detail in my next Blog).





Exciting Times: OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

Welcome to my first 4D Blog post! I don't know who gave me permission to do this but they must be crazy (right Michel?!)


I'm hoping to make my 4D Blog less of a marketing outlet and more of a personal journal (as Blogs are supposed to be). Most importantly my plan is to post information relevent to 4D developers. We have a renewed mandate to foster a community amoung the 4D faithful (and maybe get a few more to join the fold!)


With that in mind...


If you were at 4D Summit 2011 you know that I'm a huge proponent of SSD's (and maybe more importantly consumer-level SSD's because of the attractive price points). I've been using OCZ drives in my personal Windows box for some time and have defintiely enjoyed the blazing performance as well as having suffered through some of headaches OCZ went through. The good news appears to be OCZ learning from its mistakes...