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Getters and Setters

4D v13 introduces new getters and setters.

This demo shows you how to use these new getters and setters and their associations.


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Global Find and Replace

A powerful, application-wide search and replace tool lets you find any item in the design environment.

Searches can be broad (any object, text, by “contains,” etc.) or more restrictive (search a specific constant using the full name), and 4D v12's Find dialog is intuitive and easy to use.

More search options

Optimized Searches in the Design Environment

Search and replace in the Design environment have been revamped to better suit the needs of 4D developers.

Search in: Text, comments, language expression, language element (project method, form, field/table, variable, named constant, string in quotes, command, plug-in), or "anything" (all objects in the Design environment).


Search modes for text & comments: Contains, contains whole word, starts with/ends with

For language element: Is exactly, contains, starts with, ends with


Modification date of the parent




How do I use Unicode with the PROCESS HTML TAGS command?

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Replicate with Clause

How do I replicate a directory using a WHERE clause?

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New Field Attributes

How do I use new field attributes like UUID and Primary Key?

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