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Form Load Get Type

This How-Do-I shows you how you can use the FORM LOAD command (formerly OPEN PRINT FORMº) and the new commands OBJECT get type and LISTBOX GET OBJECTS.


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Use Popups with Variables

Up until 4D v13, combo boxes and popup menus had to be declared as arrays. As of 4D v14, they can now directly hold variables and fields!

Popups + Variables

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The 4D Library starter application allows you to manage students' books as well as loaning books to students. It uses listboxes in "selection" mode.


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Use Fullscreen Mode

This How-Do-I shows you how to switch your windows into fullscreen mode.

This feature is only available for Mac users.




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Styled Cells

This How-Do-I is about listboxes.

It will show you how to modify cell style (character style and color, background color) via the table or via new 4D commands.


Styled cells


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Set Drag Icon

How do you use your own custom icon to associate with an item being dragged and dropped?

This database will teach you how this new command lets you do it.


Set drag icon


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Scroll Two PIctures at Once

This How-Do-I demonstrates how to synchronously scroll two images at once with the OnPictureScroll event.

Scroll two pictures


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Save Screen Geometry

This How-Do-I demonstrates how 4D can automatically save – without any programming – the position of your windows, form objects, and values of certain objects (tabs, rulers, radio buttons, etc.).

Save screen geometry


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