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Progress Bar

How do I use progress bars?

This demonstration shows you how to use the progress bar component that is included as of 4D v13.


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Windows Enhancement

4D v13 provides a new parameter for SET WINDOW RECT.

This allows you to move a specified window to the passed coordinates and set it as a foreground window. The command now accepts a * parameter to keep the window in the background.



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Rich Text Area

This example demonstrates the use of the Rich Text Area component to edit styled text within a 4D database.

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Included Lists

This application demonstrates the new possibilities that included lists offer.

In this example, four lists that belong to four different tables are displayed in the same form.


The contents of these lists are calculated based on the user's selection.


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Contact List Box

This application shows you how to use the List Box object with and without programming.

The List Box object replaces grouped arrays on your forms.


You can enter data directly into a cell, display alternate colors for rows, resize and sort columns, and much more.


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Hierarchical Lists

This application demonstrates how to use a hierarchical list in 4D.

The hierarchical list in this example is built dynamically when you click on the 'expandable' elements.


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4D Objects

This example shows all the interface objects managed by 4D.

These include:


• variables

• buttons

• hierarchical lists

• fields

• checkboxes

• etc.


To use it, you can click on the buttons representing the Form editor tool bar or you can select a specific type of object directly from a dropdown menu.



Six "How Do I?" example applications on creating various interface elements.

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Seven "How Do I?" examples on using forms in 4D v11 SQL

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Form Widgets

How do I use the new Form Widgets?

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