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BLOBit allows a user to import any file, application or folder into a 4D database for archiving.

Files can then be extracted either individually or in groups. All Mac OS and Windows file types are supported.  On Mac OS, a thumbnail is automatically extracted from any picture files which contain one.


This database allows you to import a file, application, or the contents of a folder into 4D and storing the data in fields.


Depending on the platform the creator code, type, size etc. are stored as well. On Mac OS a thumbnail will be extracted and displayed (if present) for most picture format files.


Catalog Tool

This example demonstrates a way to keep track of your backups.

In reality, you can use it to catalog any volume; but it was originally designed to catalog backup CDs.


XML Parser

The XML Parser example is a very simple application that illustrates how to parse a valid XML document (of any size) into a hierarchical list.

The code is written so that the parsing routine can be easily moved into your own projects. It can accept an XML document pasted in via the clipboard, or loaded from disk.   


WebDAV Client

This example application is a working WebDAV Client.

It can be used to connect to any WebDAV Server. The communication between the example database and a WebDAV Server is performed with the use of the 4D Internet Commands plug-in.


Image Masks

How to build sophisticated, graphical applications using image masks in 4D.


Download for Windows Download for Mac


USPS Shipping Rate Calculator

This application shows how 4D can be used to interface to a United States Postal Service server to retrieve cost of shipping.


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RSS Server

Use your application as an RSS server by following this example.


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4D Integration and Infopath

Use 4D as a backend server to Infopath's rich front end forms.

Export record information to Excel, Address Book, and iCal for Mac OS, and Excel, Outlook and Word for Windows. Infopath on Windows only.


XSLT Transformation and Office 2003

Create reusable XSL sheets and use those sheets to generate Word (Windows only), Excel, and HTML documents using exported records.


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Filemaker Conversion

Convert Filemaker databases that use Web layouts and CDML tags into 4D databases that use 4D ACTION tags.


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