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How can I be sure that you’ll be releasing new versions frequently?

Since version 6.5, we’ve released major upgrades at an average of every 16.2 months – with the exception of 4D v11 SQL, which represented a major overhaul to the 4D product line.  The acceleration of technological change brought about by the internet  has shortened the development cycle for everyone in the industry, including 4D. We would thus estimate that each new version will be released within a maximum of 18 months.

Regular upgrades and new features don’t really suit my limited needs. So would the Maintenance program still be useful?

Technological obsolescence is present in all aspects of information technology: hardware, CPUs, operating systems, peripherals, and so forth. As long as everything is still working, then everything is fine. But as soon as a single component falls behind, there can be a problem for the whole operation. If you choose to evolve your systems to prevent obsolescence, the Maintenance program gives you peace of mind.

I typically only update my software every 4 or 5 years. What does the Maintenance program give me?

By upgrading less frequently, you miss out on the new features and support for newer operating systems and hardware, which are constantly in flux. Furthermore, you may miss out on tech support as we only sell and support the latest two versions of 4D software. The frequency of new versions is largely determined by the market (i.e. requests for new features, support for emerging standards) and happens in an evolutionary manner. The Maintenance program presents the most efficient way to deal with these changes.

Are there any obligations under the program?

No. You can choose to use whichever upgrades you like, whenever you like. Your only requirement is to stop using the previous version once you’ve upgraded to the newest.

How do I terminate my subscription to the Maintenance program?

You can opt out of renewal and stop your membership in the Maintenance program by mailing 4D up to 30 days before your annual renewal date.

What if I forget to renew my membership? Is there automatic renewal?

You likely won't forget to renew, because yes, renewal is automatic!

How about expansions purchased later on down the road? Are they covered under my existing Maintenance plan?

Yes - your expansions must be included under the Maintenance plan for your master product (i.e. 4D Server). If you're in the middle of a one-year Maintenance term, the cost for adding Maintenance to your expansions will be pro-rated so that you maintain the same anniversary date for all of your products.

I’d like to subscribe to the Maintenance program for only part of my configuration. Is this possible?

All of the products attached to a primary product (i.e. 4D Client expansions attached to a copy of 4D Server) must have the same coverage as the primary product, under the same period of coverage. For instance, if you want coverage for 4D Server, you must also have coverage for your Client expansions.

Can I subscribe to Maintenance after I've purchased a product?

No. You must purchase your membership in the Maintenance program at the time of purchase, and maintain its validity via annual renewals.

Can I subscribe when I purchase an upgrade?

Yes: If you're upgrading from the 4D 2004 product line to the 4D v11 SQL product line.