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Picture Management

A centralized library to help you organize all the pictures and graphics used in your application.

Pictures used in 4D maintain their original format and type for both display and storage.

Native support
4D supports a number of picture formats natively (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PICT) without requiring QuickTime. In addition, EMF is natively supported on Windows, and PDF on Mac.

Menu Editor

Use this tool to create drop-down menus and sub-menus for your applications.

Menus are a critical tool in all professional applications. 4D has created a powerful editor to help you build them as easily as possible.

Menus… à la carte!
You can set up all of the menus for your application, as well as their related sub-menus, using a single screen.



A suite of integrated code debugging tools.

Errare humanum est
Sometimes the code you write won’t behave the way it is supposed to behave. A variable that doesn’t have the proper value, a loop that doesn’t end or even an incorrect selection – all of these things can hurt your development. In this type of situation, a debugger is your greatest ally.


Index Explorer

View every index in your application at a glance.

Instantly view all indexes for maximum productivity
This explorer lets you see all your database indexes in one display. This is a useful maintenance tool that will help you increase your database performances and get the best from 4D.


Index List


Structure Editor

Analyze, model and design the structure of your database thanks to a high-level graphic interface.

Design and model the architecture of your database with ease using the 4D Structure Editor.


Structure Editor


Just one click
With just one mouse click and the Properties inspector, you can add tables, fields, relations, and change settings on the fly.


View every element of your application at a glance.

The Explorer is the 'nerve center' of your application development process. It's a powerful, in-depth tool that lets you look at your entire database and access each element in the blink of an eye.


Explorer - Methods