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JavaScript Event Callbacks

4D Ajax Framework can take advantage of JavaScript callbacks for more powerful programming.

4D Event Callbacks

Make Ajax calls to 4D without page refreshes.


Take advantage of 4D Ajax Framework's powerful chart creation abilities (Canvas, PNG, Image URL, SVG), and insert them instantly on to your Web pages.


Create business intelligence dashboards to instantly access up-to-date, crucial data on a browser, smartphone, etc.

Image Matrix

Display dynamic data and images together in just about any way.

Data Matrix

Display dynamic data of various types with the powerful Data Matrix


Use real calendars with a pop-up "picker" function for entering dates.

Data Tree

Display hierarchical data using the Data Tree.

Data Grid

Display your data in a powerful, dynamic data grid.

Multiple Windows

Open multiple windows within the Web front-end for a truly desktop-like user experience.


Multiple Windows