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Style Sheet Editor

A useful tool to help you implement a consistant visual style across your entire application. Style sheets can be customized per-operating system to present a more uniform interface.

Filter and Format Editor

This editor lets you define filters and formats to increase consistency in data entry and display.

Interpreted Mode

Run your applications in interpreted mode when you want to edit them on-the-fly.

4DLink in XML

Easily automate connections with your 4D applications using 4DLink files in XML format.

Form Editor

Design the dialog boxes for your application and directly integrate database fields. Insert native system objects by drag and drop. A magnetic grid can be used in order to maintain interface standards.


An integrated spellchecker for your data, with support for most common languages and custom dictionaries.

User and Group Editor

4D user and group security lets you lock down access to all or parts of your application. You can also use it to control collaborative development permissions.

Help Tips Editor

A built-in pop-up tooltips editor that lets you improve the user experience with helpful text.

Syntax Check

Checks the syntax of your code to make sure you are ready to compile your application.