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List Editor

Helps you manage and edit all lists within your application.


A cross-platform compiler. Compiled code runs faster and is more secure.

Remote Compilation

Remotely compile your applications from the client end using 4D Team Developer Professional, without having to stop the server.

Integrated Backup

Run backups of your data, as well as a tool to restore data from an archive. All the parameters can be set programmatically to fully automate the backup system.

Object Library

You can store objects and other code snippets to easily reuse them or share them with other developers.

User Form Editor

Give your users the ability to customize specified forms according to their own needs without developer intervention.

Form Wizard

Lets you generate user-friendly dialog boxes to display your data.

Web Services Wizard

For developers new to Web Services, this wizard sets them up for you.

Web Services Server

4D has one-click integration with Web Services, making it easy to take advantage of the Web's openness in a 4D application.

Web Services Client

Easily call on Web Services using 4D as a Web Services Client.