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4D SQL Code Samples

This example database demonstrates the possibility of carrying out queries thanks to the 4D language as well as using the SQL language.


Specific examples show both languages in parallel so that they can be compared easily and in order to highlight their respective advantages.


Comments and explanations are provided during the execution of these queries.


Download for Windows and Mac

4D Pop Collection

4D Pop is a series of productivity components grouped into a toolbar that integrates perfectly with the 4D development environment. Filled with clever tools and immediately useful for developers, 4D Pop has many advantages.
4D Pop

A Mind for Productivity

Every 4D Pop component is a handy little nugget you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Created by 4D developers for 4D developers, they’ll help you save precious time on repetitive operations, be the little helpers you always dreamt of having, and put an even friendlier face on your development environment.


PHP Integration

4D v12 lets you directly execute PHP 5.3 scripts within 4D applications, thanks to our FastCGI compiled interpreter.

(You may use other interpreters, providing they are compatible. See documentation for details.)


Go beyond Web scripting and add real functionality to your applications.


You get access to a wealth of utility libraries available via PHP, providing functions such as:

  •  ciphering and hashing (MD5)
  •  handling of HTML files
  •  image handling
  •  LDAP access
  •  COM access (for Microsoft Office documents)


Language Matrix

Thu, 2010-05-27 12:00

Language matrix for 4D v12.1 coming soon

64-bit Support

4D Server v12 supports 64-bit Windows operating systems.

The main benefits of 64-bit technology is improvement in overall performance by being able to address more RAM (up to the physical limit imposed by hardware limitations – but theoretically unlimited), handle larger data files (several gigabytes) and numerous simultaneous clients and/or processes.

On the client side, any machine running 4D v12 (Mac OS or Windows) can connect to a 64-bit 4D Server.


4D v12: Solid foundations, brilliant new features

Thu, 2010-10-28 12:00

Read about all that's new in 4D v12.

Flash Your Charts

This example demonstrates 4D's ability to use external PHP libraries to add functionality to any application.

In this case, we use PHP and Flash to illustrate and animate charts based upon 4D data.


Download for Windows or Mac 


Getters and Setters: The OBJECT Set title command

Thu, 2010-07-22 15:37

See one of 4D v12's Getters and Setters commands in action, turning static text virtually dynamic!

Global Find and Replace

Mon, 2010-07-19 11:13

4D v12's powerful new Find and Replace allows you to search for practically anything in your design environment, and to rename or replace it throughout your entire application.

Global Find and Replace

A powerful, application-wide search and replace tool lets you find any item in the design environment.

Searches can be broad (any object, text, by “contains,” etc.) or more restrictive (search a specific constant using the full name), and 4D v12's Find dialog is intuitive and easy to use.

More search options