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Schipper Arts & Crafts

SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts is a traditional manufacturer of templates of the painting technique "Painting by Numbers" from the USA. For more than 50 years, products have been manufactured here that are known for their outstanding quality, the many image formats and the large selection of motifs. In 2008 NORIS-SPIELE Georg Reulein GmbH & Co. KG acquired this company which has been using software developed with 4D since 1987 to manage various business processes. This is used in conjunction with SAP, for example, to create statistics for the end-user service and to edit the product "Paint Your Favorite", which allows you to create a "Painting by Numbers" template from portrait photos. 4D is particularly convincing because all the organizational tasks involved in end-user services can be solved quickly and perfectly, which is why the software has been used successfully over the years.