4D SUMMIT 2009

Celebrating 25 Years

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See what happened the 4D event of the year: 4D Summit 2009, which took place 6-9 October, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

4D Summit 2009 kicked off in the glitz and glamour of the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.  The modern and “trendy” feel of the hotel was a hit among attendees. If you missed the event - or simply want to relive it - this video sums it all up:


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New Events, New Opportunities

This year, attendees had an opportunity to drive their own 4D presentations and mingled around the room chiming in on topics that interested them.  The Unconference reception drew a huge crowd, as people talked about subjects such as End to End Web Apps and Dynamic Variables while enjoying each other's company, a cool beverage, and food prepared before their eyes. At one point, even 4D founder Laurent Ribardière got in on the act, giving an up-close and personal presentation on 4D's new Wakanda project.


The most intense and concise sessions at the Summit were the 10-minute lightning sessions.  The breakout room was full of attendees, coming to hear about topics such as new v12 Commands, Debugging, SQL Commands, and much more. 



All Eyes on the Keynotes

Keynote audience

Every year, people look forward to Brendan Coveney's Welcome Keynote, an entertaining presentation to set the tone for the few days ahead.  This year, mutiple keynotes were slotted for the same day focused on various themes and presented by many people, both from 4D and other companies.


A most intently tuned-in audience took in a great deal of information about the current state and future of 4D. The roadmap was laid-out and everyone walked away with an understanding of the direction of 4D.


Valuable insight was delivered about 4D v12 and emphasis was also placed on 4D's Business Internet Applications projects.



Summit Sessions  


Several tracks of breakout sessions gave developers new tools and techniques for getting the most out of 4D v11 SQL.


SVG was a very popular topic at this year’s Summit, along with sessions on PHP, PDO, JavaScript, and Adobe Flex.


As always, the sessions were not only informative but led up to many animated discussions and Q&As, one of the great benefits of being at the Summit in person.


Attendees not only got plenty of expert information on a multitude of topics, but were also able to get some hands-on time with 4D staff and the developers of some of their favorite tools and plug-ins.



Poker Faces

Poker Night

After several big keynotes and days of intensive sessions, it was time to roll up the sleeves and get down to some serious business: Celebrating 4D's 25th birthday.


Everyone made their way to Atlanta's Opera for some down-home Southern food (presented in an upscale kind of way, of course), dancing to live music, and what proved to be the hit of the evening: Casino-style gambling. All with play money, of course...


Summit attendees faced stiff competition with one another, and at the end of the evening cashed in their well-earned faux-dollars for raffle tickets.  



Be Seeing You...

Thank you for attending 4D Summit 2009 and making it the success it was.  We’re already working on 2010, so stay tuned. If you couldn’t attend this year, make sure you follow future updates on 2010 to plan your week of learning directly from people who know 4D best.


In the meantime, we'll be bringing you more video content as captured at the Summit. Stay tuned for alerts on the homepage and entries on our blog for more!

You can also view and add your own Summit photos at the 4D Summit 2009 Flickr pool.*


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