4D Summit 2010 Unconference

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The 4D Summit Unconference event is a live and unstructured forum for discussing 4D technical topics in a relaxed, informal setting.


  Do you have an Unconference topic that you want to speak or hear about? Post it here!

The discussion at the Unconference is driven by the attendees, who are free to stay in a discussion that is interesting to them, or move around the room until they find a topic that piques their interest. 


Enjoy refreshments as you present your 4D solutions and techniques to your peers, and learn new ideas from the people who know 4D the best. As a special bonus, the Unconference will again feature a personal demonstration by Laurent Ribardière, where he will show off the cool new tech he's working on.


Submission for Unconference topics are handled on our social networking page, easily located by clicking here


In the meantime, check out how last year's Unconference went!


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