4D 2004


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Add additional users to your 4D Server applications


Used with 4D Server, 4D Client software can be installed on both Mac and Windows and on an unlimited number of machines. The number of machines allowed to connect into the 4D Server is only limited by the number of concurrent licenses installed on the 4D Server.


4D Client is fully functional client software allowing not only data access and manipulation, but also the complete designing of database structures and functionality. Team designing of database applications can be done using 4D Client and is fully supported and managed by 4D Server.


Licensing notes

Two different licenses are available:


4D Client

  • Compatible with 4D Server Standard, Developer and Runtime Editions
  • Features connectivity to 4D Server only
  • Available in 1, 5 and 10 unit packs


4D Client for 4D Server Developer Edition

  • Compatible with 4D Server Developer only
  • Contains 1 license for 4D Client (access to 4D application server)
  • Contains 1 license for each productivity plug-in (4D Write, 4D View, 4D Draw)
  • Contains 1 license for some connectivity plug-ins (4D ODBC Pro, 4D for OCI)
  • Available in single unit packs only


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Upgrade your expansions to 4D Client v11 SQL and benefit from the new features of the latest version, all with the same ease of use: a native SQL Engine, Maintenance and Security Center, powerful new commands, and much more. As a client/server user you will especially appreciate the power and extended scalability of the latest version, the specific improvements in client/server communication, and the brand new "Execute on Server" method property. Also, many features are now available from the client-side like the server administration window. Migration is a single-click process that you can execute after consulting our migration resources.


Important: In 4D v11 SQL, the 4D Client executable it no longer provided as a separate product. The ability to connect to a 4D Server is now included in the 4D standalone executable. You can choose either to open a local database on your disk, or to connect to a 4D Server on your network. However, the licensing scheme is absolutely the same as before: Each 4D Server has a number of 4D Client connection licenses that is counted each time a remote user accesses the server, through the 4D executable application located on his machine.


NOTE: While 4D Server Developer Edition 2004  does not differentiate between standard or Developer 4D Client expansionx, this is no longer the case with 4D Team Developer  Professional v11 SQL. If you need to upgrade a heterogeneous configuration, you'll have to first choose between upgrading your standard clients to 4D Team Developer expansion, or purchasing an aditional 4D Server license in order to separate the use of each kind of clients Please contact your 4D representative for more details.