4D 2004


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4D Runtime Single User is the affordable solution to run compiled applications in standalone mode, for a limited deployment plan.


4D Runtime Single User is a commercial license that allows you to deploy an application in compiled mode, with the best guarantee of protection for your code, as well as the best performance for large databases.


What's included

  • 4D Database Engine
  • Runs interpreted or compiled applications
  • 4D Runtime Single User must be delivered to each end user with your database. (To merge your 4D application with your database, see 4D Runtime Volume License.)



Available options


For What & Whom

4D Runtime Single User is a very economical way to deploy a 4D application with increased performance and security.requirements. Not only can it run a compiled database, but it is also very flexible as it can accept a variety of expansion products available for 4D 2004. This feature is the main diferentiator from the two other 4D Runtime offers.


If your needs for deployment exceed the 10 users and you don't need a Connectivity or Web-oriented expansion, then we recommend you purchase one of the two 4D Runtime Volume License offers, with an even lower unified deployment cost.


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Upgrade your application to 4D SQL Desktop v11 SQL and benefit from the new features of the latest version, all with the same ease of use: a native SQL Engine, Maintenance and Security Center, powerful new commands, and much more.You will get also the ability to connect to any external SQL-based data source via SQL Pass-thorugh. Migration is a single-click process that you can execute after consulting our migration resources.


NOTE : If you use a Web Server or Web Services expansion with 4D Runtime Single User, 4D Web Application Server will be the most convenient product for your migration. Please contact your 4D representative for more details about the upgrade process.