4D 2004


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4D Write provides you with sophisticated word processing and document management functionality within your 4D applications.


4D Write documents can use data from 4D records: You can write reports and letters that automatically extract information from your database and merge it with text. You can also use 4D Write as a separate word processing application by using it in an external window. Your work within this window can be independent of your database or use data extracted from records in your database.



  • Color, user-definable margins, text alignment, line spacing, and tabs
  • Paragraph and character styles and style sheets
  • Multiple-column documents
  • Find and replace characters and formats
  • Open multiple documents simultaneously
  • Place and scale pictures
  • Powerful Hypertext Links to URLs, other 4D Write documents and 4D methods
  • Fields, variables and methods can be inserted in documents


Deployment Expansions

4D Write can be linked as an expansion to the following products:

  • 4th Dimension Standard Edition
  • 4D Runtime Single user
  • 4D Runtime Volume License Sponsored
  • 4D Runtime Volume License Professional
  • 4D Server Standard Edition (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)
  • 4D Server Developer Edition (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)
  • 4D Server Runtime (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)


NOTE: The 4D Write plug-in is included with 4th Dimension Developer Edition, 4D Server Developer Edition (2 connections). A dedicated license is not required for use.


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Your expansions will be upgraded to 4D Write v11 SQL version at the time you'll migrate your master product from 4D 2004 to the latest product. An upgrade purchase will only be required for multi-users deployment licenses as 4D Write is now integrated in most of the development tools and standalone deployment offers in 4D v11 SQL.


NOTE: As 4D Developer Standard doesn't accept plug-ins in 4D v11 SQL, you'll loose your 4D Write functionality if you upgrade a 4th Dimension Standard Edition license with a 4D Write Expansion. Purchasing 4D Developer Professional is recommanded.