Smooth Migration

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With all the benefits that come from adopting the latest and greatest technologies, there are perceived challenges. We're here to help ensure that your migration to 4D v15 is easy and smooth.

Benefits galore

With the features and added ease of use introduced in 4D v15, you have every reason to upgrade. It takes 4D's amazing foundation and adds even more productivity, power and mobility to the package. Learn what's new in 4D v15.



Migrate with comfort

If you're thinking about migrating from an earlier version of 4D, rest assured that the process will be as smooth as possible. Whether you're converting from 4D v14 or go all the way back from 4D 2004, a series of dialogs will guide you through the process when you first open your database with 4D v15.


Of course, we want you to successfully migrate to 4D v15, so we'll arm you with some information beforehand...



Minimum Configuration

Before migrating your application, check that the operating system and the machine match the minimal requirements for 4D v15, which are:




Mac OS


Intel© Core Duo or above

 OS version

Windows 7, Windows 8 (Windows 2008 for standalone)

Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher


4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)

 Screen resolution

1280 x 1024 pixels




New commands and functions

To assure a smooth migration, we have made available a 4D v15 Conversion Guide that will not only guide you through the process, but also tell you about new and changed commands from previous versions.


Download the 4D v15 Upgrade Guide.




Whatever the origin of your structure, we strongly encourage you to consult our Compatibility resources to ensure that 4D v15 is compatible with your system, operating system, and desired languages. 



Useful links

Please consider the following helpul links that should help you achieve a successful 4D v15 migration:


  • 4D Doc Center: The 4D v15 Upgrade Manual references all the changes in 4D v15.
  • Resources: You'll find "How Do I" examples and example applications, as well as compatibility tables, etc.
  • If any issues occur during your migration, don't hesitate to contact our tech support team.



We wish you a happy and productive migration to 4D v15!