NEW IN 4D V14 R3

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Path to a full 64-bit 4D product line

Say Hello to initial release of 4D Server 64-bit version for OS X.

Mac OS X 64-bit 4D Server v14 R3 for OS X is available as 32-bit and 64-bit version. The 64-bit version is delivered as a Preview release with some features (like the serial communication protocol) still missing.

Be ready to take the 64-bit technology advantage on Apple machines, running your application with more cache for better performances and more user connection possibilities.

4D Server 64-bit also integrates a new fully optimised Quick Report Engine, that will benefit both the Windows and OS X versions.

64-bit compiler performance improvements

  • Better handling of real arithmetic operations with a 30% gain.
  • Another step towards Cocoa 64-bit preparation.

Troubleshooting/optimization tools

GET ACTIVITY SNAPSHOT and Enhanced Real Time Monitor


Go deeper into your 4D Server performance analysis, and enlarge the number of simultaneous connected users without investing in new hardware, by deeper performance analysis of 4D Server.

Enhancements now available:

  • Query plan info
  • User/computer initiating the operation


SQL Views

New Command: Get locked records info

A key new Command that will permit a 4D developer to optimize and streamline mature 4D client/server solutions.

Called for a table, the GET LOCKED RECORDS INFO command returns a list of all locked records, for every user, for every process, including table record number and process information.

Download Database example
HDI_GetLockedRecordsInfo.zip HDI_GetLockedRecordsInfo.zip


SQL Views

New Command: Get database measures

Want to understand if your 4D solution will better benefit from moving from regular Hard drive to SSD or increasing the cache size ? The new GET DATABASE MEASURES Command allow 4D developers get detailed information from the 4DBD engine, in order to help them make the right decision.





Join Roland Lannuzel breakout session at the 4D Summits this year, and get an in-depth demonstration of a component to log and visualise this data, as well as the use of Get locked records info Command. Roland Lannuzel
Download Database example
HDI_GetDatabaseMeasures.zip HDI_GetDatabaseMeasures.zip


SQL Views

Runtime Explorer improvements

The user interface has been reworked to be more consistent with the process lists from the 4D Server administration window.



Start/end process name available in debug log

debug log


New lines are added to debug log whenever a 4D process is started or stopped: now the process name is available in addition to the process ID.

More features...

Create new listbox column with dynamic variable

  • Dynamically add columns to a list box
  • Start writing completely generic code today

Open a database programmatically

Make it simple to perform automatic testing of your solution using multiple test databases.
Also, automatically reopen a database after a compilation operation.

The new OPEN DATABASE command closes the current 4D database and opens on-the-fly the database defined by filePath.  


SQL Views

Command line Argument parser

  • Use command line mode to stop/kill/start your 4D Server
  • Launch 4D with a given data and structure
  • Available for both OS X and Windows 4D Server



Display “unsupported format”  
This new feature provides you a quick and easy way to detect unsupported picture format and update it.

4D will now display an ‘unsupported format’ picture, indicating the file extension, when any obsolete file format is detected.



ICO pdf

New preference in WEB SET/GET OPTION

Do you want to create a Web application with session handling and keep the session alive even when switching from Wifi to 3G?

Thanks to this new option, it is now possible to disable the IP address verification in session cookie for some applications that would need to switch from 3G to Wifi or 4G, without requiring the user to log in to the application again.

Set/Get SQL server port programmatically

Give peace of mind for automatic custom deployment.

Use the new GET/SET DATABASE PARAMETER option to set or get the port used by the SQL server. 


SQL Views



To ease the development of bulk imports and similar operations, this command allows you to enable/disable all triggers throughout the application or for a particular table.
In combination with PAUSE INDEX, it drastically increases performance for such operations.

New option to choose the application that opens a URL

Select by default the best application to open a specific file.

The OPEN URL command accepts a new appName parameter, allowing you to designate the
application to be used to open the document or URL. 



Download Database example
HDI_useOpenUrlParameter.zip HDI_useOpenUrlParameter.zip

Substable migration
Allow a smooth migration from substable to normal tables to 4D developers.

The relation field was read-only previously, and now it can be set, allowing full access to a subtable using standard field/table commands.
This way, all references to a subtable can be slowly rewritten, temporarily using mixed access, avoiding a complete rewrite in a single step


Look at what on of our partners says about this feature: We have extensively tested the ability to programmatically assign id_added_by_convert fields and are confident it is rock solid. Larry Wolf

High resolution 4D process scheduler
The DELAY PROCESS command now accepts smaller units, making it possible to specify a duration of less than a tick, like 1/180th of a second.

4D Mobile

Ability to return a selection from a 4D method 

Keep your business logic within 4D and save time.

New MOBILE return selection command allows a 4D method to return a selection to Wakanda.
Avoid any unnecessary work on the Wakanda application side.

Download Database example
HDI_MobileReturnSelection.4dbase.zip HDI_MobileReturnSelection.4dbase.zip


New 4D Mobile Client license
A new and attractive License model is in place.
Contact your sales representative to get more info and start developing today your own 4D on-the-go new Web app from your 4D solution.

Learn more 4D Mobile.