NEW IN 4D V15 R3

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R2R-releases are available exclusively to 4D Partners and those subscribed to the Maintenance program. They available freely for download but require the correct product number as provided through the Partner or Maintenance programs.


Download 4D v15 R3



64-bit support grows across the product line


64-bit evolution

After a developer preview release of 4D Developer Edition 64-bit for both Windows and OS X with 4D v15 R2, with 4D v14 R3 we are releasing the Preview version of 4D Volume Desktop 64-bit.

Note: Preview versions are released to 4D Partners and customers under Maintenance, in order to fully test their solutions ahead of production releases – and thus be ready for production as soon as the release is finalized.

While 64-bit support allows the addressing of more RAM, which in turn allows for more users and faster data handling, a redesign of 4D will bring developers and end users fantastic new possibilities and features. Without adding any new code, end users will benefit from three brand new user interfaces and features – simply upgrade 4D and users will get all the latest benefits.



4D Write Pro

Printing 4D Write Pro objects inside a 4D form

4D Write Pro documents present within a 4D Write Pro area inside a form, can now be printed.
You can either print the visible content in the area, or ask 4D to print the entire document.
To control this behavior, you can use the PRINT FORM, PRINT SELECTION and PRINT RECORD commands.

Storing 4D Write Pro documents in a field

For a better integration, but also to increase the performance of your application, 4D Write Pro documents can now be saved as records inside the database.




Storing 4D Write Pro documents in a field, gives also you the ability to add a touch of intelligence to your 4D Write Pro customer’s documents. Associate notes to 4D Write Pro documents. Categorize, order them… adding specific Custom Attributes. And finally search for your documents with high speed using a keyword index.


All this is now made possible, with the ability of 4D v15 R3 to store a 4D Write Pro document in an Object field and thanks to the fact that 4D Write Pro documents are C Objects.

To do so, you only have to use the same name for a 4D Write Pro area and for your field. Your 4D Write Pro document will be displayed just like any other field.


Store DocumentInObjectField



Download example database



Updates and new features

List box improvement – Single Click Edit

Starting with 4D v15 R3, thanks to a tiny check box, you can enable a new edit technique.
One click into a cell will permit the user to enter in edit mode, saving him 2 clicks.
For example, very useful for fast entry of invoice items.


Single click



New Automatic style sheets

4D v15 R3 includes two new "automatic" style sheets, allowing you to design generic dialog boxes compliant with current platform guidelines. These new style sheets are named Automatic (Main) and Automatic (Additional), and refer to the font styles used respectively for main text and additional information in your interface windows. Here are typical dialog boxes using these new style sheets:


Stylesheet window mac



Optimized and faster Replace String

If your 4D application is dealing with a lot text search and replace operations, upgrading to 4D v15 R3 could provide an important boost for your users. When small text fragments have to be replaced with larger ones, like ‘a’ to be replaced with ‘aa’, we see a 1000 to 4000 faster operation, using the optional ‘*’ parameter.



Improve your user interfaces with the new CONVERT COORDINATES command

Want to accurately display your pop-up menu at any specific location of your window? With the CONVERT COORDINATES command, you can do this, even in sub-forms.


Learn more about the feature into the 4D Upgrade manual



Download example database



Report duplicates found in fields declared as unique

During a MSC Verify operation, or an automatic index creation process, you may already have dealt with offending fields issues.

To prevent any possible database errors, 4D v15 R3 now displays these offending fields and keys, in order that the database manager can make the relevant decision.

Note: When running a MSC Verify, the errors are added onto the log file.


Report Duplicates



Keep scan log history - Add timestamp to MSC log

If for any specific purpose you need to keep your previous scan logs, before performing a new operation, this is now possible. A new option is available to add the date/time of the operation into the filename.



Download example database



Chunked transfer in 4D Web Server 4D Web server has been optimized for larger file uploads.

While 4D has been able to send data in chunks for a while, the web server can now also retrieve data in chunks. The required allocated memory space has been drastically reduced.

Security improvements

OpenSSL library update The OpenSSL library used by the 4D product family has been updated.


Available now

All of these features are tested and production-ready (with the exception of those designated as previews), and they are immediately available in 4D v15 R3. Download now. 

Learn more about R-releases here.