NEW IN 4D V15 R5

NEW IN 4D V15 R5

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R4R-releases are available exclusively to 4D Partners and those subscribed to the Maintenance program. They are available freely for download but require the correct product number as provided through the Partner or Maintenance programs.


Download 4D v15 R5


More power & more users for your application

Preemptive 4D language is HERE

From v15 R5 onwards, the 4D language can be run using preemptive processes in 64-bit versions. Your 4D compiled applications are now able to take full advantage of multi-core computers in order to run faster and support more connected users.


To do so, there is a new "Execution mode” property in the method properties:




Develop better and faster

Asynchronous Messages between Processes

4D v15 R5 introduces a new, simple and powerful concept to exchange information between processes as well as between processes and forms.

This feature is based upon an asynchronous messaging system that allows processes and forms to be called and asked to execute methods with parameters in their own context.


Download example database
HDI_CALL_FORM.zip Download
Download example database
HDI_WORKER.zip Download

64-bit product line

4D Developer Edition 64-bit OS X Final


We are happy to announce that the 4D 64-Bit OS X product line is now FINAL with the release of 4D Developer Pro Edition and Volume Desktop.


Import/ Export data dialog

For a better end-user experience, the import and export dialogs have been ergonomically improved.


We now fully support the virtual structure and the object type. A DTD (Document Type Definition) has been written for the .4si file.



Improved ergonomics of Quick Report


In the v15 R5 64-bit version, we have done our best to design the new UI to save you as many clicks as possible.


This new dialog proposes:

  • To add fields simply by double-clicking field by field
  • To add fields by selecting several at once - they will be inserted in the order of selection, so even a long list of fields will have the right order directly
  • To search by "contains" in the list of fields in order to filter the list which is useful for tables with many fields
  • To sort the list of fields by name or by field number.




Take 1 minute to discover what’s new in your Quick Report user interface.

4D Write Pro is moving forward

More Pagination and Printing possibilities

You now have access to a new page view mode: Page mode. It allows you to view the document in multiple pages and to see it as it will be printed (page size, orientation, page margins).

2 new commands are available for printing a document: WP PRINT and WP PAGE SETUP. A new selector has also been created for SET PRINT OPTION (so you will be able to define which page or page range you want to print). Printing in 64-bit is available in R5, while printing in 32-bit will be available in v16 Beta.

Download example database
HDI_4D_Write_Pro_Printing.zip Download

Take a break, your 4D connection is still active

Application sleep

If a client machine goes into sleep mode, the client application will automatically inform the server “I’m sleeping” and its connection will be closed – but the session is kept open on the server. When the machine wakes us, the session will resume and the client can continue to work as if it had remained connected the whole time.



4D and the Enterprise - more integration tools

Single Sign-On user authentication

Following the LDAP protocol native integration in 4D, for our customers running client-server applications on Windows, it is now possible to enhance the end-user experience by using the Single Sign-On feature (based on Microsoft Active Directory), which basically allows your end users who are logged into the system to also use their 4D application without being asked to re-enter any login/password.


Download example database
HDI_SingleSignOn.zip Download


User Interface – List box features keep improving


You can now add an icon, placed on the left or right side of the column, in the list box header by programming.

Download example database
HDI_ListBox_OBJECT_SET_FORMAT.zip Download



And even more...

Delete folder and folder contents

By popular demand, the DELETE FOLDER command has been enhanced with an optional parameter to permit you to delete both the selected folder and its contents at the same time. Et voilà!


Download example database
HDI_DeleteFolder.zip Download


Faster execution of SQL outer joins


The SQL engine has been drastically improved to run queries with Outer joins up to 200 times faster than they were in 4D v15 R4.

Download example database
HDI_OuterJoin.zip Download