Thinking about migration?

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Migrating is easy. And it's even simpler using our free migration tools and the additional assistance we provide.

You've already heard about all the features that make 4D v11 SQL the most significant technological advance in the history of 4D...


  • Going beyond the previous limits in the number of tables, records, and data size
  • Unequaled execution speed compared to previous versions (with new index types, optimized client/server requests, the "Execute on Server" property, Universal Binary compliance, SOAP compression, SQL Pass-through, and more...)
  • Exceptional improvements to network performance
  • Macximum scalability, allowing you the liberty to have installations with over 500 simultaneous users
  • Serious openness with the implementation of native SQL in the 4D engine, Unicode, SVG, and much more...
  • Numerous new remote administration and maintenance features
  • and much more


Naturally, like for any migration, being prepared is absolutely essential so as not to lose time and to benefit as much as possible from the new features.


Did you know that 4D has specific tools dedicated to help you out?


  • Get a free download of the detailed Conversion Guide to convert your databases to 4D v11 SQL.
  • Join – without ever leaving the comfort of your own desk – the "Converting to 4D v11 SQL" webinar, which will give you all the keys to a smooth migration, via an interactive session with a 4D engineer.

    This 2-hour webinar costs only €99, and is totally free for 4D Partners.

    Sign up now! (French link)


For a smooth migration with 4D's help, you'll be able to:


  • Optimize your code using new commands and parameters
  • Get rid of any obsolete items
  • Take full advantage of new features
  • Establish a complete test plan for your converted application, in order to avoid any problems once it's deployed on the user end


Join us, and migrate in complete serenity.


Don't hesitate to contact your sales representative if you have any questions.


Happy migration!


 - The 4D Team