Many users, one mass of data

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In many environments, you'll have a group of people – anywhere from two to two thousand! – who need to do the same types of work with the same pool of data.
Connecting a client to 4D Server can be as
simple as a click... or more advanced

With the client/server model, the people in question use the client (the front-end with the user interface you created in 4D) to create, manipulate or otherwise interact data on the server (the back-end you programmed, taking advantage of 4D’s database).


Deploy with ease

Just because you’re deploying for many users doesn’t mean installation should be any more difficult.  If  you know drag and drop, you know 4D deployment. Setup for a client/server application with 4D is as easy and straightforward as for a standalone app.  4D Server will even distribute client updates automatically, so users always have the latest version of your solution.




Serious scalability

Whether you’re developing in-house for a 2-person accounting group or selling to a multi-national firm with a thousand users, you can use the same 4D, with the same means of development, within a consistent environment all the way through.


When we say scalability, we mean it. In a benchmark for a prominent client, we battered a 4D Server with hundreds of simultaneous clients, performing an entire week’s worth of real-world operations all at once. Needless to say, 4D fared very well




4D Server offers administration tools that bring
your actual administration time down to
practically zero.

Maintenance and security

With multiple users going over multiple network connections, your needs for security and data integrity grow. 4D grows with your needs, providing all the administration and maintenance tools one has come to expect in multi-user environments. Manage users. Perform backups. Keep an eye on your server. And in addition to the aforementioned automatic client updates, users can even be automatically brought up to the latest version of the 4D software itself.


4D is a system administrator’s dream.