Speaking your language

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In programming and spoken languages, 4D is fully multi-lingual.


A huge benefit of 4D’s longevity in the database and application development sector is its highly-evolved programming language. It’s powerful enough to create some of the most complex, high performance solutions in the world, but so easy that it’s used at numerous universities to teach programming to budding young developers. 


Method Editor
The advanced Method Editor makes
using your 4D and SQL code even easier.

It’s high-level, a snap to debug, and the syntax is easy to read in an instant.  That not only makes it easier to learn, but quicker to understand. This is especially helpful when you’re reviewing code several years down the line, and even more so when you’re modifying code developed by – or sharing code with – other developers.  And just think of the time you’ll save on commenting your code!


Coupled with a blindingly fast and powerful database, the development world is your oyster. 


You also get a fully native SQL engine at the core of the database, so you can use industry-standard SQL commands directly within 4D. This also means that your 4D solutions can communicate with other SQL applications with ease.






PHP functions within 4D
Take full advantage of an entire world of PHP
libraries, all at your disposal.

To go even further, 4D allows you to enjoy the benefits of full PHP integration.


Your 4D projects can now take advantage of the myriad PHP libraries freely available, and 4D ships with numerous libraries to start. The new PHP EXECUTE command will allow you to directly call any PHP code, with no translators or go-betweens.

Conversely, if you do feel the need to go third-party, you can now execute 4D methods from an external PHP application using the PDO_4D driver. (PDO stands for PHP Data Objects.)




Unicode support
Unicode support allows you to create solutions
for practially anyone in the world.

Speaking of languages, did you know that 4D’s development interface runs in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese? 


You can even program in your choice of English and French, and share your code with others, because all the code in 4D’s programming language is tokenized. 


4D-created solutions are practically born to go global. With full Unicode compliance and multi-lingual support, just about anyone in the world can use your creations! 


4D even sports a Hunspell-compliant spell checker, capable of supporting over 100 languages.