Frequently asked questions about 4D and iSort

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What is iSort?

iSort is a relational database manager (RDBMS) that can create its own databases, as well as connect to and synchronize with 4D v12 databases. iSort is designed to work natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and adjusts automatically to your iOS device’s screen dimensions and capabilities.



What languages does iSort support?

iSort functions in English and French, and documentation is available in both languages. However, your 4D v12 application and data can be in any language that 4D supports by way of Unicode.



What 4D license do I need to use iSort with my 4D v12 applications?

Any 4D v12 application with a 4D Web Server or 4D Web Services Server expansion license can be used with iSort. 4D Developer Professional and 4D Team Developer Professional can be used with iSort without any additional licenses for development and test purposes. As with any Web application, the number of incoming connections to 4D is unlimited.



Will my 4D data be secure when using iSort?

Yes. Timeout management prevents data errors when connections are intermittent (i.e. on a car or a train). It works over HTTPS in SSL mode, with an option for digest encryption. And it also uses 4D’s authentication scheme for all transactions.


NOTE For best security practices, 4D v12 databases with replicable tables published on the Web must use password-protected access, and/or must implement the “On Web authentication” database method.



Is the API for synchronizing between 4D and iSort public?

iSort is the first third-party application to use this new API, which will soon be detailed in the documentation for 4D v12. In the meantime, if you'd like to immediately implement a connection between 4D v12 and another mobile platform or any type of HTTP receiver, please contact your 4D technical or sales contact for further information.


What do you have planned for the future?

iSort's developer maintains his own development and release schedule. However, the following features are planned for an upcoming release:


  • Filtering: Instead of full replication of a database or tables, synchronize only the subset of data that you want
  • Sending image data back to 4D (iSort can currently only import images from a 4D application)


But there's no need to wait around for a future version! You need only to buy iSort once, and all future updates are free.



How do I get tech support?

As iSort is not a 4D product, all tech support is officially provided by the developer of iSort, who maintains an independent Web page, documentation and forums.  However, you will most certainly be able to post your 4D-specific questions, tips and tricks in the usual 4D forums and mailing lists.



Where can I post feedback, questions, or report bugs for iSort?

iSort is a third-party product, developed by Frederic Bayle. All issues or questions about the iSort app itself should be reported on the iSort forum, available in English and French.


Does iSort run with 4D v11 SQL or earlier versions?

No. iSort takes advantage of 4D v12's new replication capabilities and new API commands to connect to 4D via HTTP. Learn more about 4D v12 and its new features.