Out of the Box

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It's all inside.
Start Web Server
Your built-in web server is just a single
menu selection away.

We like to say that 4D has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.  Out of the box, 4D has numerous features standard. Features like a built in HTTP Web server, so you can start hosting a web page – and even a web application – right away. Write your HTML, test it, tweak it, and play with it ‘til you’ve got it the way you want it.  Then, once it’s ready for primetime, you can exercise your option to expand. All you need to do is activate a 4D Web Server license, and your Web site can be available to the world.


The same applies for Web Services. Consume any of the thousands of Web Services out there using a simple wizard. Or – in a single click – make any of your own application logic available as a Web Service. Again, when you’re ready to go live, just activate the 4D Web Services server and you’re good to go.


Web Server Preferences
Web and Web Services server
settings are all easily accessible from the
same Preferences window.

SQL? We’re on it. You can serve up data via direct SQL connections from other applications and beyond. Start with the one included connection. Add licenses for additional simultaneous connections, from two on up to infinity. You can even use SQL to bring your data to Adobe Flex applications.


With native support for HTTP, TCP/IP, XML, SOAP, REST, SQL and more, your data and functionality can break free of the desktop, go beyond the server, and break out of the box – simply by using what comes comes in it.