Develop In-House Solutions for Your Company

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More often than not, there's no off-the-shelf software solution that meets your company's or department's specific needs. You know this, because it's your job to develop custom solutions tailored to the business.

With the increasingly fast pace of enterprise today, you’re not left with much time to experiment with different solutions, nor tinker with them to get them to work with systems you already have in place.


This is where 4D comes in.


Build fully tailored solutions from the ground up. Use its support for myriad data and connectivity standards to interface with other systems inside and outside your organization. Choose from a whole host of deployment options that scale to the size of your user base, from single to hundreds.


Work in a rapidly changing environment? Your 4D solutions can be executed uncompiled, on-the-fly, for rapid

implementation and testing. Once you’ve got it exactly how you want it, you can package it up for all your users, who can then take advantage of 4D’s auto-update capabilities to seamlessly incorporate your newest features.


Our goal is not only to give you the tools you need to build your solutions, but to keep delivering results – from developer to end-user – so we’re always on your side. And with the optional benefit of becoming a 4D Corporate Partner, we’ve got your back as well.


Direct benefits for in-house developers

  • Easy team development: Multiple developers can work on the same project simultaneously.
  • Quickly create user-centric interfaces, tailored exactly to your company or department's needs.
  • Make on-the-fly changes to your solutions, test and run immediately, and update your users seamlessly. This includes the ability to automatically refactor and tokenize code. This is why a majority of our Fortune 500 customers use 4D for departmental solutions, avoiding the hassle of time-consuming internal overhauls.
  • Debug and modify live applications, whether they're running interpreted or compiled, minimizing downtime for your mission-critical applications.
  • Remarkably easy administration reduces the need for dedicated database administrators.