Cost isn't just about price

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A good price always makes customers happy. But reducing costs by cutting corners on internal resources, R&D and service also reduces value. So cost isn't the main indicator of value.
Relax, you can afford it.
Less worry about cost means more time to do
what you do best... And enjoy your peace
of mind.

At 4D, we provide value. A lot of it.


Sure, we’re competitively priced. But above all, we save your organization resources not by holding anything back, but by scaling to your needs and reducing the time and effort it takes to stay on top of your market. We provide an incredible value not only because of the quality of our product, but the savings of time and money used when creating your solutions.


4D’s support for standards affords compatibility with existing systems, meaning you don’t have to incur the cost of replacing everything.  Its amazing scalability means you can keep using the same solution (and support infrastructure!) that you have – without retooling – no matter how large you grow or how much you change. Easy admin features reduce time spent on database administration (DBA) tasks, allowing you to focus on work more important to your operation. 


And as they say, time is money.