Real Solutions in Business Time

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The phrase “fast-paced world of business” is overused because it’s true – business needs change rapidly, and the most successful organizations are the ones that react quickest.

In business, time truly is of the essence.
4D fully understands

Software development, on the other hand, is thought to be slow and methodical, in order to avoid errors and potential problems.


4D reconciles the need for speed and the rigors of precision by providing a platform specifically created for agile development.


By allowing developers to set up a broad-based, versatile architecture tailored to business needs, less time needs to be spent coding functions and revising features. The 4D platform is designed to easily make use of your data, helping to quickly turn specs into working results. Changes are easily and seamlessly implemented, often with no downtime for users.


In addition to  cost of ownership, 4D's Time to Market  allows you to gain parts of the market by being the first to respond to a new need, to adapt your solution to new laws, and more quickly recoup – and start getting returns on – your investment.