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Enhanced list boxes

The list box is a key component to any business application. When data is the most vital part of a solution, viewing and organizing it in a meaningful and efficient way is critical to its ease-of-use.

List boxes allow you to present data however
you choose, with more flexibility than ever.

It is even more relevant when a significant amount of data needs to be displayed or viewed within the app. The list box has classically been the component of choice to visualize data. 4D v13’s new list box component significantly improves behavior and display to be more intuitive for users and easier to implement for you.


Headers and footers for quicker computations

Headers may contain multiple lines of text, and their height – like those of all rows – can now be automatically determined based upon the number of lines and the font size of the text. You do not need to calculate and specify row heights, and users will see the data as it’s meant to be seen. Footers may contain automatic calculations such as minimums, maximums or counts, or even custom values based on programmatic formulas. List box columns can be locked for easier viewing of wider tabular data and also benefit from new resizing features.


Dynamic hierarchical list boxes
Load and display data dynamically and more efficiently as well. For large amounts of data, code the behavior so that only the necessary viewable portion is loaded as it is called, hence reducing burden on both the client and server.


New commands

Over 25 new and/or improved commands pertain directly to list boxes, including new getters and setters, as well as list box events (e.g. “On Collapse,” “On Expand,” and more). All of the new list box functionalities can be controlled programmatically.



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