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Many users, one mass of data

In many environments, you'll have a group of people – anywhere from two to two thousand! – who need to do the same types of work with the same pool of data.
Connecting a client to 4D Server can be as
simple as a click... or more advanced

With the client/server model, the people in question use the client (the front-end with the user interface you created in 4D) to create, manipulate or otherwise interact data on the server (the back-end you programmed, taking advantage of 4D’s database).


Grow, change, adapt.

Businesses grow, change and adapt. Solutions built on 4D do the same.
Everything we offer is designed with your
business and your solution's growth in mind.

At 4D, we often talk about what users can do with a new feature and end it by saying, “…with minimal code changes!”  


We say this because it’s true.


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How Many Clients on 4D Server v11 SQL?

Wed, 12/03/2008 (All day)

How many clients can 4D Server v11 SQL handle? This video answers the question.

Server-side Code Execution

The method parameter "Execute on server" allows a method to be executed on the server, considerably reducing the number of requests exchanged with the client.

Remote Administration

Reach your admin window remotely, or open it for your users using the OPEN ADMIN WINDOW command. Restart your servers remotely. (After compacting, for example.)