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External Databases

How do I create and use databases external to the current application?

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Contact List Box

This application shows you how to use the List Box object with and without programming.

The List Box object replaces grouped arrays on your forms.


You can enter data directly into a cell, display alternate colors for rows, resize and sort columns, and much more.


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This application allows you to consult and edit the contents of a glossary or an interactive dictionary.

The words of definition can be clicked individually to access their definitions directly via a link.


You can also create new definitions (for any word selected in the texst) by clicking on a button.


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Included Lists

This application demonstrates the new possibilities that included lists offer.

In this example, four lists that belong to four different tables are displayed in the same form.


The contents of these lists are calculated based on the user's selection.


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4D Pictures

This application shows off 4D's image processing capabilities.

Images can be displayed in various ways, as well as transformed. They can be imported, exported, and changed from one format to another (i.e. JPG to PNG).


Other possibilities are demonstrated as well.


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Rich Text Area

This example demonstrates the use of the Rich Text Area component to edit styled text within a 4D database.

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4D SOAP Client

This SOAP client queries the "4D SOAP Server" application, which must be launched before hand using another 4D application.

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4D SOAP Server

When launched, this application provides a SOAP service that lets you find out the distance between two cities.

The "4D SOAP Client" example application allows you to test the operation of this service.


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