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Use Multiple Databases

4D v12 can be used to create, modify and use "external databases" via the SQL language.

An external database is an auxiliary 4D database linked with the main 4D database.


Multiple external databases can be used with the same 4D database, and a 4D client can access external databases on the same server.  This can all be accomplished without having to close or restart the application, in a matter totally transparent to the user.


64-bit Support

4D Server v12 supports 64-bit Windows operating systems.

The main benefit of 64-bit technology is improvement in overall performance by being able to address more RAM (up to the physical limit imposed by hardware limitations – but theoretically unlimited), handle larger data files (several gigabytes) and numerous simultaneous clients and/or processes.

On the client side, any machine running 4D v12 (Mac OS or Windows) can connect to 4D Server v12 64-bit.


Method Editor

Write both 4D and SQL code in the same intuitive and user-friendly editor.

The 4D Method Editor lets you create methods and scripts that control behavior for 4D applications. It gives you total control over the behavior of each element in your application as well as server-side requests and database searches.


Concentrate on your code

Only relevant information is displayed in the window. You have the most space possible to view your code. Separators allow you to display and compare two (or more) sections of code inside one method.

Web Services

4D offers easy consumption and publication of Web Services

Web Services allow an application to call another application using standard protocols such as SOAP and WSDL, independent of the platform or language used.


Since 4D Web Services are written to support Internet standards, they allow 4D developers to build applications that communicate across a local network as well as over the Web.


4D can act as a Web services client, a Web services server, or both.