A History of Innovation

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4D over the Years
4D over the years

After being founded in 1984, 4D started its long string of industry “firsts” in 1985 by introducing the first graphical relational database management system on the market.


By 1987, 4D was the first RDBMS to operate in 32-bit, and has since been the first RDBMS to offer:

  • integrated client-server capability
  • integrated Web server
  • integrated Dynamic Application Partitioning system


In 1997, 4D embraced the Internet by integrating a Web application server, which allowed developers to serve both client/server and Web Applications without any coding changes. 4D regularly followed this revolutionary product launch with new innovative releases.


In 2004, the appropriately named 4D 2004 was the first product to allow developers to create standalone, client/server, web and Service Oriented Applications (SOA) without changing any code.


Most recently, 4D has created the first end-to-end, open source JavaScript platform for the development of enterprise web applications in the Wakanda product line.


It is in this spirit that 4D operates: Simplify what was previously complex, with the speed and power to compete at any level, while offering unparalleled value and cost of ownership.


4D is proud to take advantage of the hottest new technologies and features, while maintaining a level of backward compatibility that allows you to hold on to your investment in existing systems.


One might say that we’re revolutionary in evolution.