Attendees at 4D Summit 2011 in Boston were given a first look at 4D v13, the upcoming version of 4D's flagship product line. It was further announced that the latest version of the leading business application development platform is now available for beta testing.


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4D, Inc. will kick off its annual worldwide 4D Summit conference with a keynote address on Wednesday, October 12 at 8:30 a.m. A team of 4D executives led by Luc Hollande, 4D’s CEO, will deliver the keynote. 4D Summit will offer in-depth sessions about 4D, the world’s most advanced development platform for business applications.



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We’ve been in San Jose since last week. Just in case you didn’t read the last blog post, I’ll summarize: Last week, Jérôme and I travelled to San Jose, California, to work with the US team on 4D Summit 2011(1).


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4D has just released the latest update to its primary product line, 4D v12.3.


The new release includes certification for Mac OS X Lion and new features that help generate applications for Apple’s popular Mac App Store. Plus, fixes and stability improvements to v12 existing features.


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New transatlantic travel: I’m flying to the US. San Jose, California, to be exact. I will work with the US team to prepare the 4D Summit and Wakanday! This happens from October 12 to 15 in Boston, and we are going to finish what needs to be done: Tune the keynote demos, the keynote slides, the keynote announcements. In short, we’ll be working on the keynotes.



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As announced upon the release of 4D v11 SQL Release 9 (11.9), the product is entering the "Sunset" phase of its lifecycle. While 4D v11 SQL will continue to be sold and supported as per the dates specified in the 4D product lifecycle, there are pricing changes that will take effect as of 30 September 2011.


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The third Hotfix release for 4D v12.2 is now available to 4D Partners.

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NOTE: Due to numerous unannounced changes in Apple's submission policies, 4D can no longer support submissions of 4D applications to the Mac App Store. While you are welcome to submit your own 4D-created applications to the Store, 4D cannot provide support for the submission process. Invalidated links in the post below are now inaccessible.


In January, Apple launched the Mac App Store and application submissions have since been rolling in.


To aid you in getting your 4D-based applications into the store, we’ve provided a section on the web site to describe the benefits of this new method of distribution. We’ve also provided a FAQ, an instructive document, as well as an open source plug-in for your app to take advantage of Apple’s authorization scheme.

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In this blog post, Thomas Maul gives a preview of a topic that he'll explain in great detail as one of the in-depth subjects of the 4D Summit 2011 Pre-class. The Pre-class will give attendees a unique opportunity to learn master-level skills from 4D's senior engineers.


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4D has made available 4D v11 SQL Release 9 (11.9) for download by all current users. This version marks the "Sunset" release for the 4D v11 SQL product line, and features many important fixes and further improvements to stability.


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