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Today at the Ajax Experience, held by Ajaxian in Boston, MA, 4D unveiled its Wakanda project.


A product still in development, Wakanda is an all-new platform for creating Business Internet Applications, employing an all-new paradigm based in Business Domain Modeling.


Separate from 4D, this product will be aimed at Web application developers. More information about Wakanda can be found on 4D's Wakanda page, and on its own site at


The sixth Hotfix release for 4D v11 SQL Release 4 is now available.


4D v11 SQL Release 4 (Hotfix 4) addresses several issues in 4D v11 SQL and 4D Server v11 SQL for Mac and Windows.


This is an intermediary release and, like all Hotfixes, is available exclusively to 4D Partners.


4D Partners may download the Hotfix as of today at the 4D Forums.


Seven of 4D's French staff were among the 917 runners from 37 companies participating in the Challenge Contre la Faim (Challenge Against Hunger) footrace on June 19th at La Défense, just outside of Paris. 11,775 kilometers were run, with €176,160 raised for Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger).


The 4D team ran nearly 100 kilometers and contributed over €1,425 to the cause. With an average of 15km run per team member, 4D was among the companies with the largest average distance run per participant!


Congratulations to the 4D team, not only for their valiant results, but for giving their time (and energy!) a worthy charity.


Apple’s latest operating system release, Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is now available.


4D v11 SQL is optimized for the latest hardware and software, including Mac OS X. That means the speed and stability improvements coming in Snow Leopard will soon be felt in 4D. As usual, we’re working very hard with Apple to ensure that the entire 4D v11 SQL product line and the business solutions you create with it will be Snow Leopard certified. This work guarantees you the performance and reliability you demand from the latest systems, and we’ll inform you as soon as the certification is complete.

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Now this is going to be neat.   I've heard a few developers express interest that they want to have a panel-type discussion at the Summit.  A place where experts in the field can share tips and strategies that they've employed in their live applications.  Or engage in discussion with other like-minded developers about issues that matter to them.

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4D is pleased to announce the availability of 4D v11 SQL Release 4, Hotfix 3.


This intermediary fix resolves a number of bugs in 4D, 4D Server, 4D View, 4D Write, and the ODBC Driver.  It is available immediately – and exclusively – to 4D Partners.


Partners may download the Hotfix today at the 4D Forums.


4D is pleased to announce the release of 4D 2004.8.  This maintenance release contains a number of bug fixes, and will be the last for the 4D 2004 product line, which is entering the "Sunset" phase of the product lifecycle.

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Take advantage of special early-bird pricing through August 28, 2009. Sign up today and don't forget to enroll in the Pre-classes.


4D is pleased to announce the availability of 4D v11 SQL Release 4 (11.4). As an intermediary release, this version is primarily comprised of under-the-hood improvements lending to increased stability. It also introduces support for the Windows DEP security standard, several language updates for improved menu and interface management, and some new commands as well. Learn more.


4D announced today the release of 4D Web 2.0 Pack v11 Release 2. The new version, a combination of two products - 4D Ajax Framework and 4D for Flex - brings a powerful set of tools, plug-ins, and components that allow 4D developers to easily harness the power of Web 2.0 technologies, and deliver live web and rich internet applications to browsers, desktops, and portable devices such as the iPhone.

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