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Exciting news this week as Intel has announced (via journalists apparently, I can't find an official posting) that the TRIM command is now passed though to RAID 0 SSD arrays.

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After a number of partial communications regarding compatibility between 4D and Mountain Lion since the release of the operating system last week, we are now able to conclude our various tests.


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Mountain Lion has just joined the club of the most popular felines in the world, and those of you who won't wait a single minute to install Mac OS X 10.8 will discover rather quickly one of the new features of the operating system called Gatekeeper.


Gatekeeper is designed to protect users from malicious downloads and by default blocks opening executables that haven't come from the Mac App Store or that aren't signed with a certificat formally identifying the developer via Apple.


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Today I posted an update to the CodeExport GitHub project to remove its one and only plug-in dependency (for compile-time at least). Thanks to Kirk Brooks for pointing out the problem! Read on to find out what I did.

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The first Hotfix release for 4D v12.4 is now available to 4D Partners.


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4D v13.1 is the latest public update of the 4D Product Line


This stabilization release is recommended to all 4D v13 users. It includes improvements to the following products : 4D and 4D Server, 4D ODBC Driver, 4D Pack, 4D Write and 4D View. Please note that the 4D Internet Commands plug-in is unchanged, and for technical reasons has kept its original number (13.0).


4D v13.1 is the latest version of 4D's flagship product line. Many users have already taken advantage of 4D v13, benefiting from its smooth upgrade process and its appealing new features such as richer data visualization, latest web technlogy and increased productivity. This new release adds about 140 new improvements that you can leverage right away.


The 4D v13.1 update is available at no cost to all registered 4D v13 users. Upgrades can be downloaded here.


New customers and existing customers wishing to upgrade to 4D v13 can do so immediately at the 4D Store.


4D v13.1 is also available for a free, 30-day trial period.


Happy coding!


The 4D Team


4D has announced the immediate availability of both the open source and commercial versions of Wakanda, the popular JavaScript development platform.


Coming off a successful beta program, Wakanda is today providing developers with a first-ever full-stack JavaScript development platform for Web and mobile business applications. The new Wakanda foundation relies on best-of-breed technology: Web and mobile applications, a development studio, client framework, NoSQL database, server and model-driven architecture. Web applications developed with Wakanda are easily deployed on the cloud. The company is offering an open source community version and a commercial version of Wakanda.

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Just a quick update today, prompted by a The Tech Report article presenting an in-depth analysis of the plummeting cost of SSD's over the last year. I've also been watching the prices daily, read on for more details.

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If you're at all involved in other projects besides 4D you're probably aware of GitHub, or perhaps you've heard of it otherwise (I mentioned it during the recent webinar about SVN and 4D).


GitHub is hugely popular with the Web-development crowd and, to a larger/growing extent, anyone involved in the Open Source community. It might seem strange that 4D, being a proprietary platform vendor, would get involved with GitHub (or maybe even look like band-wagoning :). That's definitely not the case though, this is really a guerrilla effort to get the 4D community out in the open in a more structured fashion. If you want access to some cool 4D tools, or have something the contribute, read on!

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The consumer SSD space is evolving at quite a rapid pace, so I've decided it might be useful to the 4D community to try to do a regular series of updates as I come across interesting SDD news items. I'm calling it the "4D SSD Watch". I'm also a huge advocate for the switch to flash storage, so I do this not because I think I'm an expert but, rather, because I'm trying to keep a close eye on this stuff. For this update I'm looking at three important items:


  • SanDisk, purveyor of all things flash (except SSD's until now) has made a rather strong entry into the consumer SSD market.
  • Intel has discovered a non-fixable flaw with their series 520 SSD's and is offering a full refund on the drives.
  • Apple continues its proprietary ways with yet another non-starndard SSD configuration in the new MacBook Pro.


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