A Journey Deep into 4D and Beyond

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Join three familiar faces from the 4D community! Jean-François Rachet and Jean-Pierre Ribreau - or JPR as we call him – for the Pre-class and JPR as well as Achim Peschke for the Post-class.

Pre-class: The 4D Whisperer

25 November - Full day
You are invited on a trip into the very depths of 4D programming in expert mode. By adopting the techniques that will learn, you'll have access to a whole new sense of control with your development tools. This class is not to be missed!


4D - PHP - JavaScript: Finding the easiest path for the laziest among us

  • Why use languages other than 4D?
  • Identifying the most adapted PHP library
  • Demining PHP libraries
  • Grafting PHP on to 4D the painless way
  • When to use JavaScript
  • JavaScript and JSON: Read my lips, and get prepared
  • Getting rid of plug-ins


4D Server: The Fantastic Four

  • How to get the best of the four integrated servers.
    • Application server
    • Database server
    • SQL server
    • HTTP server
  • Cooperative vs pre-emptive
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous
  • 4D vs SQL: Why, when and how to choose
  • The internal view of 4D optimizations, and how to get the most of it

Working with 4D

  • Main rule: Don't swim against the flow, follow it
  • Optimizing the data: Fragmentation traps
  • How to choose an index type: The hidden side of how it works


Speakers: Jean-François Rachet will host the session in French and Jean-Pierre Ribreau the session in English.


Post-class: Building the Bridge Between 4D and Mobile

28 November - Full day
An intensive training on the latest techniques will allow you to easily deploy your 4D solutions on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, with the help (naturally!) of Wakanda.

The Bridge : When 4D meets Wakanda

  • Global view of the architecture
  • Building a Wakanda interface including 4D data
  • Connection between Wakanda Server and 4D Server
  • Transferring data between Wakanda and 4D: Detailed explanations
  • 4D's new kind of variable: The object
  • 4D objects & JSON objects: Structured data in variables
  • JSON syntax for 4D objects: Structured use of new commands
  • Using Wakanda forms for rich UI: Introduction to mobile business
  • The easy way to move your business applications to tablets & phones


Extending ccommunication between 4D and JavaScript

  • How to get the best of both worlds
  • Mixing oil and water: Yes we can!


Styled text objects : The line between text and word processing

  • HTML tags everywhere
  • Styled text indexing: Impact on size and speed, optimization, CSS
  • Full text indexing: Helping 4D gain speed


Debugging and Optimizing: The same battle

  • When slowness becomes a bug
  • How 4D optimizes queries, and...
    • How to help 4D to optimize queries, and...
      • How to optimize your own queries in the spirit of 4D


Troubleshooting, new tools : Log and Monitoring


Speakers: Jean-Pierre Ribreau will host the session in French and Achim Peschke the session in English.


About your instructors

JPR started working with 4D in 1985 and has since performed countless training programs worldwide. He was even chosen by Apple to train their own users on how to use databases and to develop management software for the Mac. He has since acted in numerous capacities – from consultant to executive – at organizations as far and wide as ComSite, Mindscape, FIAT, UBS, BNP, the French Foreign Ministry, the US Navy and many others through France, the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and beyond.


Jean-François Rachet has been an independent 4D developer since the company was founded in 1985 and has created over 500 specific applications in different fields (industry, administration, finance, culture, multimedi, defense, cosmetics) as well as numerous Web projects: online stores, 4D-based intranet management, and prototyping in Wakanda.



Achim Peschke joined 4D in 1993 and quickly became a pillar of technical support in Germany. Achim is also invested in 4D training and performs sessions worldwide. His sessions dedicated to the upgrade path are particularly popular.