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4D Launches Wakanda JavaScript Stack for Web and Mobile Application Development

by 4D Team
Wakanda web app

4D has announced the immediate availability of both the open source and commercial versions of Wakanda, the popular JavaScript development platform.


Coming off a successful beta program, Wakanda is today providing developers with a first-ever full-stack JavaScript development platform for Web and mobile business applications. The new Wakanda foundation relies on best-of-breed technology: Web and mobile applications, a development studio, client framework, NoSQL database, server and model-driven architecture. Web applications developed with Wakanda are easily deployed on the cloud. The company is offering an open source community version and a commercial version of Wakanda.

Developers now have an entire application stack with JavaScript, and its model-driven architecture (MDA) assures high levels of re-use, helping to decrease maintenance costs. Both the UI and the application data model are built with a powerful WYSIWYG designer in Wakanda Studio, and the Wakanda client framework and GUI designer leverage the full power of HTML5 and CSS3.


The NoSQL object datastore natively speaks REST/HTTP and server-side JavaScript (SSJS). Unlike with SQL databases, there is no need to use an ORM layer, and there is no hidden SQL generation – Wakanda natively understands business logic.

"Wakanda is a tremendous all-in-one Web client/database solution providing the user with a toolbox of incredibly functional widgets for truly elegant Web interfaces," said Philip Keth, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Footprints, Inc., a developer of custom information management solutions for clients such as Boeing and Nordstrom.


"Now that our new Wakanda is available for download, Web and mobile business app developers are programming entire applications with JavaScript, end-to-end," said Luc Hollande, CEO of 4D. "Developers no longer need to learn, integrate and maintain different technologies in different languages. Already, Wakanda customers such as Footprints, Inc. and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are taking advantage of its cohesive JavaScript stack."

In addition to providing end-to-end JavaScript programming, Wakanda applications are easily deployed in the cloud. Wakanda can be installed on major cloud IaaS platforms such as Amazon EC2 and MS Azure.


iPhone interface in Wakanda Studio


A complete list of features like mobile/touch development, multi-threaded JavaScript, NoSQL, Ojbect Datstore and much more in Wakanda Studio, Wakanda Server and Wakanda Framework can be found at:


Wakanda is available immediately in two editions: 


The open source community edition (Scout) is free of charge and can be downloaded at:


A commercial edition (Warrior) with developer support is available via monthly subscription starting at $35 per month for one developer, and includes royalty free and unlimited deployment rights, plus premium forum access. It is available for purchase at:

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