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Documentation Update Release Note (2)

by Doc Team

Release notes keep you up to date on recent corrections and changes in the online documentation that you may have missed. The edits covered are sometimes due to documentation errors, or are just to provide additional details. These notes include updated information that may not be covered in our regular upgrade manuals.




4D Language Reference manual

Compiler directives

In the Using Compiler Directives section, we added a table of default values for variables typed by means of compiler directives.


In the SET LIST ITEM ICON command, we removed incorrect information recommending the use of pointers (in fact, pictures are automatically refcounted so there is no need for pointers). We also removed a note referencing obsolete commands and updated the example (which previously used a pointer).

Create menu command      

We added a note to the Create menu command to indicate that a blank menu is created when an invalid value is passed in the menu parameter.

Objects (Forms)

We moved the OBJECT Get pointer and OBJECT Get name commands to the Object (Forms) theme (instead of User Interface) for consistency with the program.


We removed references to PICT resources for picture buttons, pop-up menus and 3D buttons in the OBJECT SET FORMAT command.


We added a note in the SET PRINT OPTION command to specify that it mainly supports PostScript printers. This command can be used with other types of printers, such as PCL or Ink, but in this case, it is possible that some options may not be available.


The New process and Execute on server commands used to manage the process stack now indicate that you can pass 0 in the stack parameter to use a default stack size, suitable for most applications.


The INVERT BACKGROUND command is now obsolete.

Web areas

We added a note to the WA SET PREFERENCE command to indicate that using Web plugins and Java applets is not recommended in Web areas. Their use may lead to instability in the operation of 4D, particularly at the event management level.


4D SQL Reference manual


We corrected the position of the [TRAILING] keyword in the syntax for the ALTER TABLE command and noted in the description that it must be passed just before the column_definition (and not after, as was indicated previously).


4D Internet Commands manual

IMAP_SetFlags command

The IMAP_SetFlags command was modified with respect to the values passed to the deleteOption parameter. Previously, it was indicated that 0 meant "add flag" and 1 meant "remove flag" but this was incorrect. These values have now been corrected (1 = “add flag” and 0 = “remove flag”).


4D View Language manual

PV Create picture command

We added a note to the PV Create picture command to indicate that pictures created cannot exceed 2048 x 2048 pixels and will be automatically truncated if this is the case.


4D SVG Component manual


We corrected the values passed in the first brightness parameter for the SVG_SET_BRIGHTNESS command. Values between 0 and 1 darken the brightness (instead of negative values as indicated previously) and values greater than 1 increase the brightness.



In case you missed it, you may also want to take a look at the previous release note here:



That does it for now! Until next time...

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