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“4D allows us to quickly and easily develop in a multi-platform environment, taking advantage of advanced features, as well as a seriously powerful database.”

Leonardo Grilli
IT Manager
 DigitalSoccer Project

Easy start-up


4D comes with two dozen templates spanning several categories so that you can start your first projects easily. Once you're comfortable with establishing a solution, you can progressively apply more advanced development techniques. Your application will grow with your needs and your skills!



You can have it all

With 4D, you get the means to create all kinds of solutions and use them in a variety of ways. See what you can do, and how to get there.


Complete platform

Get a complete, integrated development platform for desktop & client/server business applications.

Design your solution
with unprecedented productivity, modularity and agility.

Develop both visually and with a powerful language that itself supports multiple languages.

Deploy on Mac, Windows, mobile and Web.
Scalable database

Start with a standalone desktop application, or a small client/server solution to get going.

Expand to 10, 100 or even thousands of users without lifting a finger.

Better yet, no matter how big your user base gets, you'll still have practically zero maintenance!
Everything to get you started


With Self-Training videos, complete online documentation, "How Do I?" examples and informative webinars, you can start learning 4D right away, and master it in little more time.

A vibrant community

Ask questions and get expert advice from a longstanding community of developers and users via the 4D Forums, mailing lists, and third party sites and user groups.