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The Show Goes On

por 4D Team

Despite having nearly cleared out the open bar and devoured everything from lamb chops to lobster rolls to potato pancakes at Wednesday night's Welcome Reception, 4D Summit 2011 attendees once again filled the Rooftop Ballroom at Boston's Omni Parker House Hotel for the Thursday morning keynote.


4D Summit 2011


The capacity crowd lined up early and packed the house to watch senior evangelist Thibaud Arguillere and software architect Sergiy Temnikov show off 4D v13's new HTTP capabilities, namely the Web server and HTTP client.


Speed was the name of the game for the Web server as benchmark numbers were off the charts compared to previous versions of 4D. Much of this is in thanks to cross-pollenation of development efforts with 4D's Wakanda project, which is already benefiting 4D developers and users.


To demonstrate the performance, attendeeds were treated to a live demo of a new version of the 4D Knowledgebase running on 4D v13. It functioned nearly instantaneously, drawing data from a server at 4D Inc. across the country in San Jose, California, as opposed to a local host. To further prove the point, an iPad-optimized version of the Knowledgebase was shown to be equally speedy over the hotel's heavily-trafficked wi-fi network.


Between the speed, new commands, and impressive automatic session handling, the server portion of the keynote presentation concluded that, "It just rocks."


Not to be outdone, the HTTP client was shown off with emphasis on the fact that it's not only good for Web-oriented functions, but also for "4D to 4D" interchanges between various 4D applications. In essence, 4D v13's HTTP client leverages web technologies, even for non-Web utilization.


Popular breakout sessions for the day largely continued on this theme, with one session each on the HTTP server adn the HTTP client, as well as on 4D Tags, among many others.


All-in-all Day 2 of 4D Summit 2011 was solid and informative, and with the traditional party moved to Friday evening, attendees can relax and expect an action-packed day on Friday.

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