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Is a web application built with 4D Ajax Framework meant to replace 4D Client?

Not at all. We've introduced 4D Ajax Framework to give you more choices, not less. Using a web browser as a 4D client is meant to be an additional option to go alongside of using the existing 4D Client.

I have a large, complex 4D structure and I don't want to add any new tables or forms to it. What will 4D Ajax Framework do to my structure?

Nothing. You need to add one component to the application, but the rest of your data structure doesn't need to be touched.

How is 4D Ajax Framework different from other frameworks?

The 4D Ajax Framework is a multi-layered framework with deep integration into the 4D environment. It has been designed to complement the existing 4D developer environment. Ajax frameworks that are not system-specific do not have the same level of integration. They work well for basic functions but are less useful for in-depth 4D application development or integration. For example, 4D Ajax Framework recognizes and can use an existing 4D security user/group structure. Other frameworks don't.

4D Ajax Framework Demo Collection

Over 20 online demos are available to you live.

This series includes the featured Personal Planner application.


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Vacation Tracker

Losing track of time? This rich application manages your time off.

See how little source code is necessary to build a powerful, live Web application.



Support technique

Il s'agit initialement d'une application Windows MDI. Cette démo utilise le Client 4D Ajax Framework pour se connecter à la base de données pour une utilisation immédiate en tant qu'application Web.

Aucun code personnalisé n'est nécessaire pour la partie web de cette démo - toute la customisation a été réalisée par les outils d'aministration de 4D Ajax Framework.



A simple but very dynamic Contact Manager application.

It incorporates the Data Matrix, Data Filler, and Preset Query, as well as a mash-up with Google Maps.


Interfaces avec onglets

Générez rapidement des interfaces avec onglets disposant d'un look-and-feel natif.

Recherches avec joker

Effectuez des recherches avec joker sur toutes vos données liées depuis votre front-end Web.

Données dynamiques

Visualisez dynamiquement vos données directement depuis votre base de données dans votre application Web.