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Many users, one mass of data

In many environments, you'll have a group of people – anywhere from two to two thousand! – who need to do the same types of work with the same pool of data.
Connection Wizard
Connecting a client to 4D Server is as simple 

Fixed Bugs 4D v11 SQL r5

Mar, 2009-11-24 (Tutto il giorno)

4D Server v11 SQL: Beyond the Limits

Mar, 2009-07-21 (Tutto il giorno)

See what's new in 4D Server v11 SQL and 4D v11 SQL Release 2.

How Many Clients on 4D Server v11 SQL?

Mer, 2008-12-03 (Tutto il giorno)

How many clients can 4D Server v11 SQL handle? This video answers the question.

4D Server Windows Help

Lun, 2009-04-06 (Tutto il giorno)

4D Server v11 SQL Mac OS Help

Lun, 2009-04-06 (Tutto il giorno)

Server-side Code Execution

The method parameter "Execute on server" allows a method to be executed on the server, considerably reducing the number of requests exchanged with the client.

Remote Administration

Reach your admin window remotely, or open it for your users using the OPEN ADMIN WINDOW command. Restart your servers remotely. (After compacting, for example.)

Query by Formula - Client/Server

The speed of Query By Formula execution on the server side under 4D v11 SQL.


In 4D 2004, a Query by Formula is executed on the client end. This means that every record must pass over the network to have a formula applied, and to determine if it will be part of the selection. When the logic of the request allows it, 4D v11 SQL will perform queries directly on the server to avoid extraneous loads on the network. Only the selection is returned to the client end, as with a classic query.


Let’s go back to the formula for measuring distance used in the test QUERY BY FORMULA (standalone).