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Fin da subito, 4D consente di creare applicazioni eseguibili, per singolo utente e client/server. È inoltre possibile utilizzare applicazioni web con il server Web incorporato di 4D. Ma oltre a questo, offriamo una serie di opzioni per dare libero sfogo alla vostra immaginazione.

Hai a disposizione una potente architettura dei plug-in, puoi aggiungere il

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  • Can I attach a 4D Client license to 4D Team Developer Professional?

    No. 4D Team Developer Professional, as a server-based development license, only accepts 4D Team Developer Expansion licenses to increase the number of concurrent users, in addition to the two clients provided by default.


    If you have 4D Server Developer 2004 as well as 4D Client Expansion 2004, and would like to upgrade to 4D Team Developer Professional v11 SQL, please contact your 4D representative.


    A cross-platform compiler. Compiled code runs faster and is more secure.

    4D Unlimited Desktop

    4D Unlimited Desktop lets you deploy stand-alone single user compiled or interpreted 4D applications on an unlimited number of machines.

    4D Unlimited Desktop allows you to deploy compiled versions of your 4D applications to users. Your users will not need a copy of 4D on their computer to run these applications. Deployment licenses for office productivity applications 4D Write and 4D View are also included in 4D Unlimited Desktop.


    Included in 4D Unlimited Desktop

    • SQL database engine

    • Supports both compiled and interpreted applications

    Remote Compilation

    Remotely compile your applications from the client end using 4D Team Developer Professional, without having to stop the server.