4D V11 SQL

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List Box: Named Selection

Ven, 2008-12-19 (Tutto il giorno)

See how a List Box works with a Named Selection. This will allow you to create multiple views from the same List Box, saving time for your users, and resources for the server.

List Box: Hidden Rows Array

Ven, 2008-12-19 (Tutto il giorno)

This tutorial shows you an efficient new way to use List Boxes: The "Hidden Rows Array" feature, which shows and hides data already in memory, resulting in less network traffic.

Form Variable: Dynamic Code in a Variable Name

Giov, 2009-01-08 (Tutto il giorno)

This tutorial demonstrates how you can save time and hassle by using code directly in a variable's name field, instead of repeating code throughout your application.

Components: 4-State Buttons with b3DCreate

Giov, 2009-01-08 (Tutto il giorno)

Learn how to very easily create a 4-state interface button using b3DCreate, a free third-party component.

Two Windows From the Same Process

Mar, 2009-01-27 (Tutto il giorno)

This video tutorial shows you how to use very little code (in fact, one character!) to control an active, non-modal palette window in front of a primary window. In previous versions, you had no choice but to launch two processes and program and interchange between them.

Integrating Google Maps

Ven, 2009-01-30 (Tutto il giorno)

This video tutorial will show you how to easily integrate Google Maps into your application using 4D v11 SQL's Web Area feature.

An Interface with SVG

Lun, 2009-02-16 (Tutto il giorno)

Take advantage of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to create a resizable, map-based interface to retrieve geographic information - all with only a couple of lines of code.

Dynamic SVG

Lun, 2009-02-23 (Tutto il giorno)

The SVG standard allows the use and manipulation of Scalable Vector Graphics. In this tutorial, learn how to programmatically generate and modify SVG images to add rich, dynamic visuals to your applications.

4D Pack Windows Help

Lun, 2009-04-06 (Tutto il giorno)